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What is XNOW?

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For the first time ever, Ski schools throughout the world can access technology which will allow them to maximize their profitability. By making use of state of the art technology, professionals have created a system that will cope with all internal management issues in the ski school, coordinate employee activities and timetables and allow the sale of products and services to customers, thus improving customer relationships.

All you need is an internet connection. Xnow will allow you to centralize management and process information whilst guaranteeing the security of all of your data.

This is a solution that will have an immediate impact on the business bottom line, enabling far more efficient management of ski schools.

All of your data securely stored on the cloud. All data synchronized to real time.

APP for instructors
Daily planning, times of classes, information about groups.

APP for customers
Reservations, information, bills, insurance policies and equipment hire.

Ski Schools

The administration of the ski school will never have been so efficient! Everything under control all the time and from any location!

With Xnow you can control sales of classes and courses, check on availability of your instructors, plan timetables, organize groups, schools and parties, as well as controlling the timetable and working hours of all of your ski instructors.

Sign in to Xnow and allocate work. Avoid long queues at the station by accepting reservations and payments on-line. Distribute certificates. Organize documentation. Live control of available time-slots thus optimizing the work of your instructors. Xnow gives you an overview of everything that is happening in the station. Be more efficient by organizing work flows in advance. Everything is at your fingertips and always fully up to date.

Ski Schools | Features

Check the availability of your instructors and control their daily activities.

Manage all aspects of your workflow from one application.

Avoid queues by accepting reservations and payments on time, for classes and courses.

Assign tasks and get real time information about all of the activities taking place at the ski school.

Access to all the information about your station from any location.

Send notifications to instructors and customers via their APPs, SMS or e-mail.

Ski instructors

Your ski instructors have never had access to so much real time information. They can manage their daily timetable, all classes and courses; plan their workflow thanks to all the relevant information. All of this and more thanks to Xnow.

The instructor can consult his daily timetable and even his future schedule. Tell management when he arrives and leaves the ski station without having to check in at the admin office. Every time there is a new reservation or class he will be advised via the Xnow app - text message or email. Everything can be checked on line - his availability, contract and even the payroll!

Ski instructors | Features

Full access to daily planning activities, with all the details of classes booked and assigned courses.

Automatic receipt of all notifications and messages about new clients or any incidents that may have happened, and notification of meeting places.

Full on line access to all contractual information, payroll activity and certificates. Everything in digital format.

Immediate updates to changes in your instructors’ availability. Real time access to your management database from wherever you happen to be at the time, and access to all client information.

Notification of arrival at and departure from the ski station, so management will always know who is present and available.

Access from any place and manage or consult their own information with XNOW.


Thanks to Xnow your customers can make on line reservations of classes and courses from wherever they are, they can also check to see whether their favourite instructor is available, make payments on line and receive a digital confirmation of their activities. They can elect to save all of their personal information so that they can make future reservations easily and quickly.

All notifications from the ski school such as reminders about classes, weather alerts, messages from their instructors - will be sent to their elected device (tablet or mobile).

Customers/Users | Features

Make reservations at any time and place. Detail participant information and easily make payments online.

You can manage the people who will usually accompany you to classes and courses and therefore bookings will be made faster.

Download and check your tickets for courses and workshops. Receive your bills in digital format on your mobile or other device.

You will be informed at any time of any incidence. We will send you reminders of your courses.

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